The idea for this mood space was created by Ruben Sikkes and myself during the workshop session of the course.  The idea entails creating a simulation game of a highway with traffic. Inspiration for this idea came from the genre of simulator games that recently gained popularity. While these games are less serious, they do have value in teaching users about the work they simulate.


Various games of the simulator genre.

Our idea was to create a virtual highway simulation in which users (mostly targeted at children) could change certain variables of traffic, such as the amount of lanes, the maximum allowed speed of the cars, the amount of people per car and possibly the amount of cars on the road. Children (and often adults) have a poor understanding of traffic flow and playing around with the variables and their visualization could help them understand it better. Creating the most optimal flow of traffic would be the main goal of this simulation game, so the users would have to find the optimal settings to achieve this. They may even learn that there is no great solution possible and learn the value of alternative methods of transport!

Based on our idea we envisioned a simulation that looked something like this in it’s simplest form:


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