The idea our group came up with for the final project was to create a serious game around the exploration of our solar system. While fun, this could also be a learning experience for the user. Concepts like distances and time could be explored through space travel, where travel time and speed are important factors. This would also allow the learning about the cycles of planets and concepts like gravitational force. Finally general knowledge about our planetary system could be gained by users. We plan to include some fictional aspects into the story line of the game

For the graphical aspect of our project we came up with the idea of creating a map of the solar system such as shown below.


Users could then ‘travel’ to certain planets by clicking on them and complete various mini-games (puzzles, trivia, etc.) at each of the planets. Complete them all to beat the game! Scores could be kept for these mini-games to allow a competitive aspect.

We planned to use the Ximpel platform to create our application originally, but opted to go with Ren’Py instead.

Slides for our concept presentation can be found here.