About me

I am Maxim Turpijn and welcome to my student portfolio. I’m currently doing my masters in Artificial Intelligence at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Before this I got my BSc in Psychology, specializing in the Brain and Cognition track, because the thing about psychology that interests me the most is the masterpiece that is our brain. However, practical applications seemed lacking to me in psychology, so I opted to do the Human Ambiance research track of the Artificial Intelligence Master,  with the hope of applying knowledge gained from psychology to helpful applications.

I am currently enrolled in a course about serious games, for which several works shall be added to this portfolio. I chose the serious games course as an elective course, because it’s subject matter lies close to one of my passions in life, namely gaming. As a part of my Psychology Bachelor I wrote my final thesis on the effects of different kinds of videogames on neurocognitive degeneration as a result of aging. From my research during that project I learned a lot about the benefits of various kinds of games to cognitive function. I hope to combine that with the educational part of serious games to create a helpful game.


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